Are you tired of filling in monthly time reports in Zoho People because of it's stupid UI? Then ZohoPeopleTimeLogger is just a right solution for you. Only one button which will make you happy!


One click and you are done!

ZohoPeopleTimeLogger filled


How does it work?

ZohoPeopleTimeLogger will automatically find Job that is relevant for the selected month and will fill each empty day with 8 non-billable hours. That's all!

If you don't need any of those days, just press a delete button... Easy, right?

So why do you still waiting?

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Q: I am getting following error during login: "CAUSE=WEB_LOGIN_REQUIRED"

A: Probably you have two-factor authentication enabled. You need to generate application specific password and use it to login. Go to to generate application specific password.

Q: I am getting a crash

A: Sorry, not all scenarios covered yet. I am gonna fix this in the future.


  • Do not fill in holidays (based on data from ZohoPeople)
  • Do not fill in days off (leave days from ZohoPeople)
  • Add possibility to fill in only one specific day
  • Add configuration options (default billing status, hours, jobs)

Source code available on github

This program uses .net wrapper for ZohoPeople api (it's not final yet, so no nuget package for now, sorry)