For a MintChocolate store I was asked to add one additional delivery option: Shipping with tracking code. I have looked for a free extension with such functionality but wasn't able to find a proper one. So I've decided to create such extension.

Now, we are using weight based delivery, so I just copied existing shipping option and modified it based on our requirements.

To create new shipping method you can copy following files:

  •  \admin\language\english\shipping\<name>.php
  • \admin\controller\shipping\<name>.php
  • \admin\view\template\shipping\<name>.tpl
  • \catalog\language\english\shipping\<name>.php
  • \catalog\model\shipping\<name>.php

So I did that with weight method.

In admin panel, you will have one additional shipping option with the same UI as in Weight Based Shipping. You can specify weight and cost per GEO Zone.

In checkout form, you will see both shipping methods:


To install this extension

  • Download archive from github
  • Extract files to root directory

Source code available on github