Hi All


Due to certain habits I use the Opera browser, but unfortunately Opera does not work properly with SharePoint portals, and when I receive links to our corporate portal (in Skype, Outlook, etc...), I open it in Internet Explorer. Regular ctrl+c, ctrl+v make me sad, so I realized that I should solve this problem.


Write a little program,  that will track clicks on the link in the applications (Skype, Outlook, etc...) and for specific links launch Internet Explorer instead of my default browser (Opera).


We need to replace default browser  with our application, the application will be launched instead of the browser and will analyze link according to certain rules and open link in browser that we need.

To do this, the urlHandler was created. All that it does - when you click on the url in any program urlHandler launch instead of browser, checks this link according to the rules defined in the configuration file and open it in the browser that defined in the rule, or if no rules matched - open default browser (also specified in config)

Read how to install and configure urlHandler in README

Sources available on github. It's written in C# (.Net 2.0)

My plan is to add a normal installer for Windows / Ubuntu

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