Because Andre is so special, the previous version of ZohoPeopleTimeLogger was not working with his account. I've fixed couple issues in the program to make him happy. Now, my friend, you can enjoy this lovely program! This release (v1.2) is dedicated to you!


Now seriously!

There was a small issue in a way I got information from zoho. I used user email to get user specific data (time log) but as I found out it is case sensitive, so and are different logins. And guess what? Only Andre has his email with a capital letter. Zoho people login process is case insensitive, so it doesn't matter in which case you type you email.

Now, when you login, ZohoPeopleTimeLogger will retrieve your unique user id from zoho and will use it in all further requests instead of your email.

As a bonus, I have added one UX improvement. ZohoPeopleTimeLogger will remember your last entered email, so you don't need to retype it again in case of wrong password response.

ZohoPeopleTimeLogger Login


P.S. As always, source code available on github