zoho-people-icon Zoho People Client v1.0.0 released.

ZohoPeopleClient - C# asynchronous client library to interact with the Zoho People API.

Supported API

  • TimeLogAPI (Get/Add/Delete)
  • JobsAPI (Get)
  • LeaveAPI (GetHolidays)
  • FetchRecordAPI (Get)

NuGet Package

NuGet package

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Current Release

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Build Status

Build Status


Sign in with login and password

var client = new ZohoClient();
var token = await client.LoginAsync(login, password);
// save token for further use

Sing in with token

// load token from storage
var client = new ZohoClient();

Get TimeLog items

var timeLogItems = await client.TimeTracker.TimeLog.GetAsync(
 new DateTime(2015, 07, 01),
 new DateTime(2015, 07, 20));

Add TimeLog record

var newLogId = await client.TimeTracker.TimeLog.AddAsync(
 new DateTime(2015, 07, 30),