As you know Microsoft released new version of Windows 10. Now you can update your current system to Windows 10 Technical Preview for free.

I have installed this version (build 9926) on Virtual Box. Here is a small review:

First impression

First impression was bad. After installing Windows 10 I want to start internet explorer to check how it works, but I have found out that you cannot search in start menu anymore. What a fuck? I am used to using this operation so much! Whenever I want to start a program I just press "windows" key and start typing program name. Not anymore. Now I need to use Cortana to do that. Why do they decided to remove this nice feature from start menu?


Windows 10 start menu Windows 10 start menu


I have also tried to use Cortana but unfortunately without any success,  It just does not recognize anything I say.


Cortana Cortana


They have changed default behavior of Ctrl + E hotkey. Before Windows 10, when you press this combination, Windows will open "This PC" folder, not it is "Quick Access". And again WHY? Why do they changed this behavior?

Tomorrow I will try new Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Ultimate Preview.