sports tracker export all workouts in gpx formatAlmost all sport tracking sites do not have "Export all" functionality. They want you to stay with them as long as possible. The same with Sports Tracker. There is no such functionality on their website, you can export workouts only one by one (which is annoying).

But with a bit of JS magic, we can download all workouts in GPX format.

  1. Login at
  2. Go to
  3. Click "Show more" button at the end of the page until you have all workouts loaded.
  4. Go to developer console (press Ctrl + Shift + I in Google Chrome)
  5. Insert following JS and press Enter:
var key = "sessionkey=";
var valueStartIndex = document.cookie.indexOf(key) + key.length;
var token = document.cookie.substring(valueStartIndex, document.cookie.indexOf(';', valueStartIndex));
var delay = 2000;

var loopThroughItems = function (items) {
  var i = 0;
  function printEntry() {
    var href = items[i].getAttribute("href");
    var id = href.substr(href.lastIndexOf('/') + 1, 24);
    var url = '' + id + '?token=' + token;
    console.log('Remaining: ' + (items.length - i) + ' url: ' + url);
    document.location = url;
    i++; // Increment the position
    if (i < items.length) { // If there are more chars, schedule another
      setTimeout(printEntry, delay);
  printEntry(); // Print the first entry/char

var items = document.querySelectorAll("ul.diary-list__workouts li a");

Thanks to Sergi and Mike from comments for the updated script!

All gpx files will be in the Download folder.