If you don't know what is Darwin Descritor you should read this article first.

To show you what it is and where you could find it here:dar

Also you could read about Darwin Descriptor structure here .

I have wrote simple C# implementation of DarwingDescriptors GUID converter.

Assembly: DarwinDecriptor.dll

Namespace: DarwinDecriptor

.Net Framework: 4.0

Convert Darwing Descriptor GUID to System.Guid:

var converter = new GuidConverter();
var encodedDarwinDescriptorGuid = "ykG^V5!!!!4!!!!MKKSk";

Guid decodedGuid = converter.Decode(encodedDarwinDescriptorGuid);

And vise versa (System.Guid to Darwing Descriptor GUID string):

var converter = new GuidConverter();
string darwinDescriptorGuid= converter.Encode(Guid.Parse("{91140000-0011-0000-1000-0000000FF1CE}"));


.net 4.0 binary (DarwinDecriptor.dll)

Source code