Hello all,

My friend SADM and me have made a Psi/Psi+ ubuntu mono dark(Ambiance)-styled roster icons. This icons based on "stellar" iconset.

Stellar Mono Dark in Ubuntu tray

Stellar Mono Dark in Psi+ roster


Download (stellar-mono-dark.jisp.zip)

Sources (stellar-mono-dark-src.zip)

How to add icons to Psi/Psi+ in Ubuntu:

1. Download  iconset:

cd ~ && wget /wp-content/uploads/2012/11/stellar-mono-dark.jisp_.zip

2. Copy to psi iconsets folder:

sudo cp ~/stellar-mono-dark.jisp_.zip /usr/share/psi-plus/iconsets/roster/stellar-mono-dark.jisp

3. Restart Psi

4. Open Psi options -> Appearance -> Icons -> Roster Icons -> Choose "Stellar Mono Dark"

Enjoy ;-)